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Whether you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, there are a variety of options to choose from. From asphalt shingles to cedar shingles to clay tile, there are many options to consider for your roof.

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Pitched Roofs

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As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, our company has passed rigorous requirements set by GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, and has demonstrated a proven track record of providing excellent workmanship, reliable customer service, and a commitment to ongoing professional training. This designation also allows us to offer our customers GAF’s industry-leading warranties, including the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind that their roofing project is in the hands of qualified professionals.

Common pitched roof materials include:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are commonly seen on roofs and provide excellent value, from the standard “three-tab” to a more architectural shingle style.

Asphalt shingles are among the most affordable roofing options. Though the cost is just a fraction of the price of other types of roofing, asphalt shingles will still promise high durability and a long lifespan.

Many of our customers choose asphalt shingles.

Here’s why:

  • They are cheaper to install, repair, and maintain
  • They come in a variety of color choices
  • They are very durable and are a great fit for our Pacific NW weather conditions


Metal roofs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and generally unaffected by rot, insects, and mildew. And as an added bonus, you may qualify for a discount on home insurance when installing a metal roof as it is fire-resistant. There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to metal roof colors, textures, and designs. Metal materials can also be made to mimic shingles, tiles, slate designs, and even cedar shake roofing.

Metal roofs can be constructed from:

  • Steel with durable finishes that provide protection from corrosion and rust. It is one of the most popular metals used in residential construction.
  • Lightweight aluminum, which does not rust and is usually painted to improve its appearance.
  • Copper is a softer metal, which weathers to a beautiful patina finish.

Cedar Shingles and Shakes

Cedar roofs are a beautiful option for many homeowners. Shingles are cut into a uniform thickness but vary in width. Shakes are thicker and rougher and over time, this style of roof weathers to a beautiful silver grey.

Composite Shingles

Composite shingles are a synthetic roofing material made of commonly used roofing materials such as fiberglass, recycled paper products, and asphalt. A relative newcomer to the industry, these shingles are fire-resistant and moisture-resistant.


Tile roofs are beautiful and durable. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as concrete, slate, fired clay, terra cotta. Tile roofs are long-lasting and seemingly impervious to rot and insect damage. But proceed with caution – in our wet climate tile soaks up water and needs regular resetting and moss removal to keep it in good shape. Tile roofs also require regular maintenance to remove debris that can redirect water under your shingles.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are roofs that have no pitch. They are most commonly seen in commercial properties, but residential homes might also have flat roofs in places like porches or garages.

Flat Roof House

Common flat roof materials include:


Single-ply roofing is made of flexible sheets from plastic-derived material that is frequently used on flat and low-sloped roofs, such as in many commercial buildings.


Torch applied roofing is used in areas that are flat or have a very slight pitch. The official name is “modified bitumen” but this is commonly referred to as “torch” or “torch-down” roofing. Made of rubber or plastic, it is installed with the aid of an open-propane torch, creating a waterproof seal on the layers.

Self-adhered TPO

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. This material is a peel & stick product that creates a singly-ply membrane roofing system that is energy-saving, cost-saving, and eco-friendly.

When completing your roofing repairs, we work with a range of quality roofing manufacturers and brands, including GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, Malarky, Owens Corning, and others. And we are proud to share that we are certified to install each of these high-quality brands.

We stand behind our work and offer 10-year warranties on installation workmanship when installing a roof after a tear-off.