Searching “Metal Roofing Near Me”?


Our roofing crews have the qualifications and years of experience to properly install or repair your metal roof, ensuring that your home property has a quality roof that will last as long as possible. One of the benefits of metal roofing is that they have the longevity of lasting up to 70 years.

Our experienced roofing contractors guarantee superior results on every job we take on by installing roofing materials made by leading roofing systems manufacturers and always putting our core values and customers first. We define “best-in-class service” as the highest possible standards for aesthetic value, metal roofing system integrity, and proper metal roofing installation techniques that work together to offer long-lasting solutions to customers.

At Matrix Roof & Home, we are known for our honesty and reliability. We promise our customers the highest-quality workmanship possible on all roofing projects, with finished results that will make a stunning first impression and last you for years to come.

Roofing Types That We Work With:

Steel Roofing Panels

Have durable finishes that protect from corrosion and rust. It is one of the most popular metals used in residential construction.

Lightweight Aluminum Roofing

Does not rust and is usually painted to improve its appearance. It is a good, cost-effective option for homeowners.

Copper Roofing

Is a softer metal, which weathers to a beautiful patina finish.

Stone-Coated Roofing

Is metal that is pressed and heat-sealed with granules to resemble cedar, tile, or slate shingles.

Architectural Metal Roofing Types

  • Metal Panel and Standing Seam
  • Metal Stone-Coated Shingles
  • Metal Tile, Cedar, and Shake-Inspired Shingles
  • And more!

With over 100 years of combined experience, we specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing metal roofs.

We offer a wide variety of popular metal roofing materials from well-known manufacturers such as Taylor, DaVinci, and ASC, to name a few.

Our Metal Roofers Care About Your Needs


At Matrix Roof & Home, we offer industry-leading residential metal roofing solutions to fit your specific preferences and budget! We can handle all types of roofing projects, and we take on roofing jobs of any size or complexity. Every residential roof we put on is built to last, backed with 10-year warranties and installed by our professional residential roofers who care about your needs.

Metal roofing not only improves the energy efficiency of your home but is also a durable and long-lasting roofing material. Unlike other materials like wood and asphalt, metal roofs are resistant to rot, mildew, and insects. Plus, its fire-resistant properties can even mean discounts on your home insurance! While believed to be maintenance-free, debris removal is still essential with your metal roof as well as inspecting your screws every 3 to 5 years to ensure they haven’t moved due to heat and cold expansion. There are an array of colors, textures, and designs available when it comes to metal roofing; you’ll be able to pick the perfect look for your property that will last well into the future.

Just Need Roof Repairs?

Many roofing companies will try to sell you a new roof, even if your existing roof just needs a few repairs. However, at Matrix, we pride ourselves on being honest with our customers. If we think your roof can be repaired, then we will say so.

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We won’t try to upsell you on a roof replacement that you don’t need. We uphold our integrity by providing excellent customer service. And when you do need roofing services, we customize our work to fit your specialized needs.

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Remove the Stress

Getting a new roof can easily become a source of stress for many homeowners. It’s hard to know where to start, whether the roof will be within your budget, and how long it will take. We are a woman-owned company, and we are here to make the process easier and more manageable. We provide support from our team of experts by answering any questions you have and making sure that we provide clear and accurate information so that you can make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, all our inspections are fully documented with photos of the process – providing lasting evidence of the quality work we do, which is the best way to give you peace of mind. Let us show you a different kind of contracting. Give us a call today!