Roof Tear Offs

When a roof can no longer be repaired, homeowners and property managers must make a decision. Tear off the shingles down to the plywood, or go over the top of the existing roofing. Roof tear-offs are a process of stripping old shingles, flashing, and underlayment off a house until bare wood decking is visible. Then roofers make any necessary repairs and replace old plywood before adding new shingles. On the other hand, re-roofing or recover, is a simpler process where roofers add a new layer of shingles that covers the existing roof.

Roof Tear Offs vs Re-Roofing 

Roof tear-offs are the more economical choice in the long term simply because the brand new roof is installed on a clean, new deck. During the tear off process, problems with leaks, mildew and other damage will be repaired because that damage is in full view of the roofer, ensuring your roof is ready for the long haul.

Arguably the biggest issue with re-roofing is the process makes it impossible for roofers to inspect problems with the roof because that internal damage remains hidden. Damage isn’t repaired – just covered up. This sets the stage for expensive roofing repairs in the future if there’s mildew or rotted wood, a very common problem for the Pacific Northwest.  Even with a simple leak on your roof, it will be more difficult to locate and fix with a re-roofing job.

While re-roofing is less expensive in the short term, the long term cost is high.  Damages may not be visible.  Internal roof damage, such as mildew or rotting wood is covered.  So, when eventual roofing repairs need to be done, roofers will need to tear off both layers of shingles before being able to fix the problem.

Benefits of Roof Tear Offs 

Make repairs and prevent future ones: Because roof tear-offs allow a roofer to view the wood deck of a house, roofers can make repairs and fixes that a re-roofing job would never touch. From leaks to condensation and wood rot, placing a new roof on top of a damaged one through re-roofing will only cause expensive problems down the road, especially with the high amount of moisture and rain in the region.

Boost home value: A new tear-off roof adds more overall value to your home than a roof that has layers of old roofing material under it. Your home value will grow more than from re-roofing. Since this increases the marketability of your home, tear-offs are the best option for you if you’re looking to sell your home a few years. The longevity of a torn off roof is longer than a recovered roof.  

Combat mold and mildew: In the Pacific Northwest, mildew and water damage can wreak havoc on aging residential and commercial roofs. Removing your old roof will ensure that your attic remains properly ventilated to prevent future mold, mildew and internal roof damage that can become very expensive, and very quickly.

Protects manufacturer’s warranty:  Most shingle manufacturers limit the warranty on a recovered roof.  Without inspection of the plywood deck, too many unseen dangers lurk below the surface.  

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