We saw an opportunity to be different.

It was 2007. Joe and Wendy Marvin had comfortable corporate jobs but felt an overwhelming pull to do more. To give more.

Inspired by their bland experiences with contracting companies over the years, the idea for a different kind of contractor company became a shared obsession for the couple.

Here’s what they thought was missing:
  • Honesty: Bids that feel good and fair for the roofing company and the customer.
  • Timeliness: Professionals that communicate with kindness and patience, return phone calls, show up when they say they will, and complete jobs on schedule.
  • Loyalty: A consistent level of respect and consideration for all customers- regardless of project size.
  • Responsibility: A genuine concern for the best interest of every customer, the environment and their community.

With a solid business background, a desire to grow as entrepreneurs, and Joe’s previous experience as a roofer, the Marvin’s launched Matrix Roofing. Partnerships with industry organizations, volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, extensive certification, and many happy customers have been a result of this company’s birth. Many changes have occurred over the years, moving the company in a positive direction. Addition of employees, moving to a new facility, and most recently the change to Wendy becoming the sole owner of the company.

At Matrix, we are passionate about great roofs because we believe it is the thankless hero to a family’s security. And nothing is more important to us than family- be it our own, or the family we’ve built through years of running this business.

A great roof does more than just keep out the elements, it protects and nurtures what matters most- those we love and the experiences we cherish!