Weatherization is a seldom thought of household chore but it’s an important part of household maintence.  Occasionally snow and ice make us cover our faucets or leave our water dripping, but for the most part, people don’t spend too much time thinking about a full weatherization project.  And that’s a costly mistake.

Weatherizing your home can have a huge impact on your monthly energy bill.  You can reduce your expense by keeping the air inside that you want inside and the air you want outside, outside.  This could be as easy as caulking around doors and windows or filling small holes in your siding but it could also be the installation of insulation in your attic or crawl space preventing heat or cool loss on a larger scale.

These projects are messy and cumbersome to tackle alone.  Crawling around under the house or in the attic is unsettling and dirty.  Our professionals are used to it, so let us handle it for you!  We always provide free estimates and can come review your options with you so that you’re ready for hot or cold weather.

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